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The multicore score puts the Mac mini in the range of mid-configuration latest generation Mac Pro with 8 cores and a clock speed of 3. This multi-core number would place the Mac mini at the same general performance level as a mid-range configuration of the Intel Xeon-based Mac Pro, which runs eight cores at 3.

While the higher-end core Mac Pro and iMac Pro beat the Mac mini, those relatively come at a higher price. We should also take note that Geekbench scores could be tempered with quite easily and benchmarks are not the entire story detailing the performance. Moreover, there will be a number of Mac mini benchmarks in the future but considering this is the first, we can see the direction Apple is headed towards.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details. Included with the new Mac is 90 days of free phone support. With our top rating for tech support , it's hard to complain. You can also get AppleCare for an extended three-year warranty, which gives you both repair service and technical support.

These MacBook Pro models offer the best value | Cult of Mac

But it should be noted that, if the previous model is any indicator, those three years of coverage may not stretch far enough to keep you covered until a new model comes along. If you bought a Mac mini in the first few months after release, you would also have spent up to a year with no warranty coverage while waiting for this model to be announced.

While the Mac mini is generally sold on its own — the package contents are literally the Mac mini, a power cord and some documentation — Apple included with our test unit the space- gray keyboard and trackpad. It's no mechanical keyboard, but it's still comfortable to type on. This lets you enjoy all of the unique contextual menus and expanded functionality that you'd get on a Macbook in the desktop environment. It's a must-have for media creators who need all of the tools and shortcuts that take advantage of Force Touch, but it's worth considering even for the regular user who might be used to those same dynamic controls from their Macbook Pro.

The Mac mini comes in two primary configurations. Our test unit is the base model, which is equipped with a quad-core 3. You can, however, connect an external GPU via the Thunderbolt 3 connections in back. You can bump up the storage to larger capacities, with several SSD options. Our recommendation? Unless you need it, you can skip the Ethernet upgrade, but you'll want to be smart when it comes to memory and storage.

When in doubt, keep the memory low, and upgrade later. Storage, on the other hand, cannot be upgraded, but can be supplemented via Thunderbolt 3. We'd recommend getting a healthy amount of onboard storage GB would be a good amount , and then adding external storage down the road. We'd probably opt for the Core i5 processor option instead of the Core i3 we tested, if only to provide more power. But if you need real muscle for professional use, the hex-core Core i7 is your best bet.

A note for the technically minded: The Core i3 model that we tested doesn't offer either Turbo Boost of Hyper-Threading technology. If you upgrade to a Core i5 model, you'll get Turbo Boost, which lets the clock speed ramp up for short bursts. If you opt for the Core i7 model, you'll get both Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading for more multithread capability.

One major benefit of Apple's four-year gap between updates is that there's no confusion about the new Mac mini — it's better than any of its predecessors. And if you've been looking for a chance to upgrade from an older model, there's no reason to wait. It's also much more versatile, with a wide range of configurations that should appeal to home-theater users and media pros alike. And Apple has trumpeted the Mac mini's flexibility for things like building computing clusters, offloading code compiling from a Macbook, or even racking multiple minis together as a server.

Comparing against other mini PCs, the Mac mini also manages to squeeze exceptional power out of its Intel Core i3 processor, and I'd expect similarly optimized performance from the Core i5 and i7 models. That said, there are plenty of reasons to choose something different.

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Our Verdict The Apple Mac mini model is finally back, and it's better than ever, with a new look, rock-solid performance, and even a bit of upgradability. Against Limited upgradability Very limited internal access Can get pricey.

Apple Mac mini (2018) Review: This Little Mac Is Awesome

Design The Mac mini has had the same dimensions for the better part of a decade, when the unibody Mac mini was introduced in , with its 7. Upgradability The Mac mini is being touted as more upgrade-friendly than the previous model, which had its RAM soldered directly to the motherboard. Performance Every configuration of the Mac mini is outfitted with quad-core Intel 8th-generation processors and all flash storage. Keyboard and Mouse While the Mac mini is generally sold on its own — the package contents are literally the Mac mini, a power cord and some documentation — Apple included with our test unit the space- gray keyboard and trackpad.

To get over my reticence I rewatched the video on Studio One Expert that had triggered the idea back in and then also watch this video which came from the company that supplied the processor chips more on this shortly. Note that this video shows how to upgrade a single processor Mac Pro, but all the principles and advice apply to my 2 processor computer, you need to do everything twice and the advice from my research is to get matched pairs of processors.

As you will see from this video and the video in the Studio One Expert article you are going to need the following….

Base 12222 13-Inch MacBook Pro is Up to 83% Faster Than Previous Generation in Benchmarks

Thermal Paste Remover and Surface Purifier - With the lint free cloth these are to clean off the old thermal paste and surface Purifier to prep the new processors and the heat sink to take the new thermal paste. Thermal Paste - To apply to the new processors. Lint Free Cloth - to clean off the thermal paste from the old processors and heatsinks. Matched Pair of Intel Processors - There are loads of refurbished and second-hand processors out there and some people choose to go the secondhand route, which is cheaper but may not work for sure.

In addition they offered a kit that included the 2 processors, the Hex Key, a Chem Pad pack to help with cleaning the processors and heatsinks. Alternatively you could get a pair of Intel Xeon X 3. Take out the Mac Pro from wherever it is. In my case it is in my computer cupboard.

Save up to $230 on 12222 MacBook Pros

It is best to unplug everything to make sure there is no risk of turning the cupboard on by accident. I got my computer out into the middle of my studio floor.

Inside the Mac mini: CPU, SSD, RAM, T2

It was then much easier to take of the side exposing the cards, hard drive trays and the processor tray at the bottom. Next I needed to remove the processor tray. There are two levers at the bottom. You need to push in the lever at the ribbed end in both cases which will push out the processor tray slightly. Then you can pull out the processor tray and place on a conventional work surface.

Now we can start to change the processors. First unscrew one of the heatsinks with the 3mm hex key. I found it best to unscrew each screw a few turns at a time until eventually can feel as you turned the hex key the screw was all the way out. Next you need to clean off the old thermal paste using the thermal paste remover fluid. You will see that there is a bar under a lip. Keep hold of the bar and pull it up gently as it compresses a strong spring which helps to keep the processor in place. Once the bar is fully released you will be able to fold out the processor clip cover and then be able to lift out the processor.

Now it is much easier to clean the processor and not get bits of old thermal paste over the processor cage wheich s what I did first time round. Take the lid of the bottle and put a couple of drops on the processor as well as a couple on the lint free cloth and rub, and the thermal paste wil come off the processor and into the cloth. Make sure you also go round the edges.