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  1. The 4 Best Video Players for Mac
  2. VLC for Mac OS X
  3. How to play any kind of movie on a mac including AVI files - Macintosh How To
  4. Fully Compatible With All Media Formats

I have OS X Windows Media Video.

It is developed by Microsoft and commonly used in a variety of Windows-based players. Unfortunately, the included tools for audio and video playback on the Mac are not able to play.

The 4 Best Video Players for Mac

WMV files. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can go about watching WMV files on Mac.

There are a lot of programs out there capable of getting the job done for you. Video Converter for Mac is just such a great file conversion application available for you.

VLC for Mac OS X

It takes advantage of your Mac's multi-core processor and convert the WMV video file s on Mac at a time quickly. The tool includes a group of presets that simplify the process of choosing output settings.

How to open and play movies or videos in QuickTime® Player 10.x on a Mac® OS X™

If you want to convert WMV files exclusively for any of the devices listed in the preset list, simply click on that device. Download and install Flip4Mac. This Microsoft-designed application attaches itself to QuickTime.

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You don't notice the application once installed, but when WMV files are activated, they play directly through QuickTime, instead of prompting a message stating the software is unable to read the file. This is why some AVI files can be played on Mac, while others not.

But all of these methods are a little complex and troublesome for the beginners.

How to play any kind of movie on a mac including AVI files - Macintosh How To

It is an all-in-one AVI movie player Mac without other codecs required. Preparation: Download and install 5KPlayer on your Mac computer.

The interface of this free AVI video player for Mac is very intuitive and clean, as shown to the right. Everyone can handle it with zero effort.

Fully Compatible With All Media Formats

Step 2. Load AVI files for playing on Mac. Afterwards, you can enjoy AVI videos on Mac flawlessly. More options of this free Mac AVI player are available for you, such as adjust volume, change aspect ratio, modify screen size, take snapshot, and so much more.