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  1. Numerous reports of MacBook making 'popping' noise
  2. Addressing various noises that may come from your Mac

These can be high-pitched whistling sounds, or chirping sounds that may be persistent, but also may only be noticeable when certain tasks are performed.

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In this Apple Discussion thread a number of people have noticed such buzzing sounds coming from their Airport Extreme units when performing file transfers, and have been concerned whether or not the device is going bad. This kind of sound is usually from the capacitors on the circuit board, which help manage the power distribution to the components of the circuit board. As different components are used, the different degree of capacitor usage may result in higher load that can cause chirps and buzzes. If you have ever used external camera flashes, you can hear the capacitor charge with a very high-pitched whine.

A similar thing is always happening on other capacitors in the system, but usually they are not noticeable.

Numerous reports of MacBook making 'popping' noise

Additionally, a camera flash is being charged all at once one cycle whereas the capacitors on a circuit board are being tapped for power and charged at very high rates usually 60Hz or higher , which will result in a more constant buzzlike sound. You can usually hear this or similar sounds coming from any DC power converter the small black cube you plug into a wall socket when it is under load.

This noise is quite common, and if this kind of noise is coming from your system the best thing to do is monitor it and see if it gets any worse. For very prominent buzzing I recommend you take the device in to be checked out, and at least be compared to other models of the same product. However, if the buzz is soft, you should not worry about it unless the sound and volume of it change over time.

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Usually this kind of buzzing noise is from power supplies, though it can be from other capacitors, especially if they are just warming up. As with any uncertain noise in your system, be sure you have a complete backup of your data just in case the noise escalates to indicate a larger problem.

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Addressing various noises that may come from your Mac

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