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I also checked my history of highlights at https: I started to worry at this point, thinking that I only ever have access to my highlights on the Kindle device itself. I called Amazon support and here's what we learned: The book did not appear under books, but DID appear under Docs. I then clicked on the action button next to my book and clicked the Deliver to: Others link. This brought up a window with a drop-down list of all my devices - except my Kindle for PC or the Amazon Cloud Reader were greyed out. I picked my iPhone, and sure enough the book appeared there with my highlights yay!

I then went to my iPad without sending the book there explicitly and it was there with my highlights again. Short version: If you send a third-party mobi book to your kindle, it will sync between Kindle apps, but only if they are on a Kindle, iOS or Android device; the cloud reader and PC applications maybe Mac, too?

An excellent way to do this besides the Send To Kindle app is to use your Send To Kindle email address which allows you to send all kinds of files directly to a Kindle device or device running an Kindle app. The best thing to do is to send it to your Kindle cloud account, which has 5 GBS of free space, and from there you can just download to any device using the Cloud tab. To get more info on how to find your email addresses and all that check out this link http: It seems Kindle exclusively supports purchased ebook sync as Amazon won't auto sync every sideloaded book.

However, you must hope to sync between your Kindle and apple device. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Method 1 - Convert Kindle Books to iPad ePub on Mac

The documents you send must be one of these file types: Microsoft Word. MOBI - used for eBooks If your file doesn't meet these requirements, you can always use a tool like Calibre to convert it to a compatible type. When uploading.

Bryan Luby Bryan Luby 4, 1 17 The link in your post no longer works. Here is the new one.

Transfer Kindle Books from Mac to iPad

Send to Kindle doesn't send to Kindle for Mac , so if you think that you can underline in your kindle and review these in your Mac, this won't work. With Kindle for iPad, it is an easy thing to read Kindle books on iPad, no need to worry about the format problems. This app is totally free and available from Amazon site and iTunes store. Download the Kindle for iPad app.

Then enter your Amazon login information into the fields of the registration page that appears when you first open the app. Tap the "Register" button. Step 2: Click the "Done" button on the top the screen.

Syncing non-Amazon purchased eBooks between Kindle, iPad, and iPhone - Ask Different

The Kindle for iPad Home screen loads. Hit the "Archived Items" tab at the bottom of the page. A list of all your current Kindle books loads to the screen. Step 3: Select the book you want to transfer. The title downloads to your Kindle for iPad Home screen.

Tap the downloaded book title on the Kindle for iPad Home screen to open the book. This method require Kindle for iPad app, too.

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In this method, you need to make sure your Mac and iPad both use the same Amazon account. Firstly, go to Amazon site. Sing in with your Amazon account.

How to download Kindle ebook into Mac Windows

On the right side of the Amazon page click on Your Account.