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No need to close your browser. The default setting in the RAM Limiter aims to strike a balance between memory use and experience. The browser will try to stay at or below the selected memory allotment, but it will prioritize experience over the strict memory amount. For example, if it's able to keep a stream going or a cloud-based file active, it will let the memory usage go slightly over the set limit.

Ummy Video Downloader for YouTube: Mp3, MP4, HD From YouTube

The Hard Limit setting forces the browser to stay under the chosen memory limit no matter what. The browser will not for any reason exceed the selected memory cap, even if browsing experience must be sacrificed. The CPU Limiter lets you put a cap on how much of your computer's processing the browser uses, so the rest can be reserved for gaming.

The goal of both GX Control features is to enable you to always be able to keep your browser open, even if you're playing or streaming a resource-heavy game. Never miss a live stream.

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With Twitch right in your sidebar, you can easily see channels you follow, who's online, and choose to receive notifications whenever someone you follow goes live. Stay up-to-date with the best deals, the newest releases, and breaking gaming news all in one easily accessible place. Sound effects can be toggled on and off in the settings.

You can customize your browser with any color you want and choose from different special effects and themes. Choose from specially designed wallpapers, or easily select your own desktop wallpaper as a background. Chat and browse at the same time with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and WhatsApp integrated right into the sidebar. Watch Twitch and Youtube with video pop out. The video stays visible in a floating window over tabs and also other applications.

YouTube Video Downloader

Enjoy a smoother ad-free web with our built-in ad blocker. Easily switch it off to support ad-based creators.

Open the downloader, put the link on video. All the available formats will be displayed MP3, MP4, etc. To download only audio just do the same. Feel free to choose. There is also a feature to download the entire playlist from YouTube. For example, if you like a channel and would like to have the whole video or audio collection. A pattern will be similar to the first method. The difference is in the button.

Download all your favorite videos!

The whole YouTube playlist will be displayed in an open window, and the all videos are chosen to be downloaded by default. The best way is to download the videos and watch them at any place in the world. In this article, we are providing you with three tools that you can use to download videos not only from YouTube but numerous other supported websites. Here is the list of tools that you can use either through the graphical user interface or the command line to download videos to your system:. The 4k Video Downloader Application is a graphical tool for downloading videos and audio from hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe and even Instagram for creating a photo backup.

It provides a wide range of shareware as a free and cross-platform solution for Linux, Windows and Mac. It was developed by Open Media LLC and helps you download videos, create and publish slideshows and also extract audio from video files.

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The name 4k comes from the video resolution as it lets you download videos in the best quality. In order to install 4K Video Downloader, you first need to download its. Then, scroll down to the following list and click the Download button against Ubuntu bit operating system.

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The following dialog will open, through which you can save the. Open the Downloads folder, right-click on the 4k Video Downloader. This will open the installer for 4k Video Downloader as follows:. Click on the Install button in order to begin the installation procedure. When you do so, the following Authentication dialog will appear:. Provide the password for root user and then click the Authenticate button; the installation procedure will begin after that. This shows the version number of the installed software.

In case you want to remove the software right after installation for whatever reason, you can do so through this window. So how do we download a YouTube video through 4k Video Downloader.

Learn how to sign up

You can launch this software through the system Dash by searching for a relevant keyword as follows or by accessing it directly from the Applications list. When you first launch this application, it will display an End-User License Agreement as follows:. Please read and then accept the agreement by clicking the Accept button; the application will display as follows:. Now paste the copied link to the 4k Video Downloader application by clicking the Paste Link button that you can see in the above image.

Once you do so, the following window will appear; displaying a list of download options such as the download video quality, its format, and the download folder. Please specify your download options and then click the Download button. The YouTube video will be downloaded and the following view will appear:. Uninstalling or removing 4k Video Downloader from your system is fairly simple. All you need to do it open the Ubuntu Software from the Ubuntu Activities bar and click on the Installed tab.

Now scroll down and look up for 4kvideodownloader from the list and click the Remove button against it. The following dialog will appear asking if you are sure about removing the application from your system:.